Guatemala Birdwatching Tours

Guatemala has a wide range of indigenous bird species. Voltan Adventures is proud to offer several bird watching adventures in and around Guatemala. Our bird tour guides are highly skilled and trained in bird identification and the know the best spots to find Guatemala’s indigenous birds.

One of our favorite birds that we like to show our guests is the horned guan (Oreophasis derbianus) near one of the volcanoes at Lake Atitlan.

The best part of our birding tours is the value knowledge and birding experiences our guides have. Your guide will come with his own binoculars, take you to the choice bird spots, and assist you in locating some of Guatemala’s most exotic birds. We offer bird tours for singles, couples, and larger groups.

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Available Birdwatching Tours

Lake Atitlan Birdwatching Adventure
Tzansiwan trail is a 1500m loop through shaded coffee plantation avocado, cypress and many other fruit trees at about 600m above sea level. This is our most productive birding trail and skilled birders can observe up to 70 bird species on good days.
Many migrant species such as the hummingbird, tanager, and oriole are essentially tropical having originally evolved in the neotropics and only later extending their range into North America in search of food and better nesting grounds.
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Tarrales Natural Reserve Birdwatching Adventure

Explore one of the most important bird areas within Guatemala. This day trip excursion is based from Lake Atitlan where we travel to Tarrales Natural Reserve park. More than 300 species of birds have been reported to have been seen here over time. Enjoy nice walks between the Primary and Cloud Forest. Your tour comes with a bilingual guide who is versed in birding and knows of some of the best locations for spotting and pictures.  <<Learn More>>

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Rincon Suizo Birdwatching Adventure

Experience and see the pink-headed warbler in its habitat. The pink-headed warbler is an endemic bird of the Guatemala Highlands. Come with us for a hike into the Pine-Oak forest and see other native birds of the region. This day trip excursion is based from Lake Atitlan or Antigua Guatemala. The tour is not a difficult walk and friendly for guests with heavy camera equipment. Your tour comes with a bilingual tour guide who is fluent in birding and knows some of the best locations for spotting and pictures.
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