Guatemala Volcano Tours

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Guatemala has numerous active and dormant volcanoes throughout our country.

Guatemala has the highest amount of volcanoes in the region with 37-volcanoes spread along our territory. That’s because it is located along the ring of fire, an almost perfect circle that goes across the globe. Three tectonic plates meet in it and are constantly bumping into each other, they have been for centuries. So mountains and volcanoes are constantly being created in the region at a very slow pace.

Guatemala is also home to the top two tallest peaks of Central America which happen to be volcanoes. They are Tacan√° and Tajumulco Volcanoes.

The Active Volcanoes

Three of volcanoes within Guatemala are active. They are Pacaya, Fuego and Santiaguito. If you are near these volcanoes you will probably be able to see one of them being active. But there are also a few that are not fully active or dormant. If you pay attention you might see some fumaroles in Acatenango, Santa Maria, Almolonga (also known as Agua), Atitlan and Tajumulco. It is safe to go for a hike in them, just don’t smell the gasses for too long. Our guides will keep you safe.

The semi active volcanoes are safe to climb at any time. You can go on our tour of Pacaya where we are constantly monitoring the volcano so you’re on a safe trail.

Voltan Adventures offers two different volcano tours. The Pacaya Volcano Tour (which is near the historic and picturesque town of Antigua) or the Volcano of San Pedro (which is located on the pristine Lake Atitlan). If you are truly adventurous we can arrange a tour where you can hike up both volcanoes! If you only wish to do one volcano excursion we recommend that you choose a volcano that is closest to where you are staying (as both volcanoes offer spectacular experiences that will make your trip)!

Our Two Volcano Tours:

Pacaya Volcano Hiking Adventure

San Pedro Volcano Hiking Adventure