8 Days Guatemala Markets Tour Package

Experience the colorful Markets of Guatemala on this 8-day deluxe tour meant for anyone who has ever wanted to experience true history and real culture. Experience the Highlands of Guatemala while feeling lighter than air, the beauty of the Lake Atitlan, where the experience caters to your tastes and comforts. From the diversity of Antiguas’s neighborhoods to the valley with terraces of Almolonga, step into the deluxe and experience Guatemalan the way every royal would want to.

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  • Chichicastenango
  • View of Acul, where you stay for one night
  • Lake Atitlan and Volcan Toliman on the right
  • Woman at the Market of Chajul

  • Venture to the Ixil Triangle of Guatemala
  • See the stunning Lake Atitlan
  • Witness Maya culture at the Chajul Market
  • Explore the sensational city of Antigua Guatemala and its surrounding history
  • Journey through the Cuchumatanes Ridge of Guatemala
  • (Day 1): Arrive Guatemala City – Transfer to Antigua Guatemala
  • (Day 2): Antigua Guatemala Cultural & Market Tour
  • (Day 3): Depart from Antigua to Ixil Triangle
  • (Day 4): Experience the fabulous Market of Chajul and travel to Quetzaltenango
  • (Day 5): Enjoy the Majesty of the valley of Quetzaltenango and Almolonga Vegetable Market
  • (Day 6): Depart Quetzaltenango for Chichicastenango Market and colorful Market of Central America overnight in Lake Atitlan
  • (Day 7): Enjoy Sightseeing tour of Lake Atitlan & Santiago Atitlan Market Tour
  • (Day 8): Depart to Guatemala City and connect with your onward flight back home

Experience the colorful Markets of Guatemala on this 8-day deluxe tour meant for anyone who has ever wanted to experience true history and real culture. Experience the Highlands of Guatemala while feeling lighter than air, the beauty of the Lake Atitlan, where the experience caters to your tastes and comforts. From the diversity of Antiguas’s neighborhoods to the valley with terraces of Almolonga, step into the deluxe and experience Guatemalan the way every royal would want to.

Begin your splendid holiday with your arrival in Antigua Guatemala, a cosmopolitan city meant to sooth all your wants and desires. Along with a nice hotel close to central park with view to active fuego volcano and the remnants of Spanish structures of the historic city center. You will have your own time in Antigua where the beauty of the streets is mirrored by the splendor of the architecture of the Spanish style. With your guide you will experience the colorful market, the ruins and old churches of Antigua Guatemala including La Merced, the cathedral, San Francisco along with the arch of Santa Catalina.

Continue your easy journey through Guatemala Highlands, the uncovered Ixil Triangle, the traditional Market of Chajul based on the Cuchumatanes Ridge. At the top of the plateau the remains of the Ixil Mayan people will embrace you, the beauty of its unique adobe houses and the mountain as the clouds slowly disappear. Enjoy another morning ride to Quetzaltenango,  exploring the market of Chajul before heading to Quetzaltenango. In Quetzaltenango, enjoy a short ride into the valley of Almolonga known as the garden of America, see and photograph the amazing colors, vegetables and flowers and people working in their terraces and vibrant colorful outfits. End your day by soaking yourself on the volcanic hot springs on the mountain side of Zunil Volcano and gorgeous view of Santa Maria volcano. Visit the colorful market of Chichicastenango place where you will appreciate mayan rituals being performed by mayan shamans, the colorful cemetery, the vegetable and textile market giving your the opportunity to get some souvenirs. Reach the Lake Atitlan in one afternoon and relax at your Luxury lake front hotel right in time to enjoy the sunset over the volcanoes Atitlan, Toliman and San Pedro. Enjoy another morning traveling by local boat around the Lake Atitlan with your personalized guide visiting San Juan, Santiago Atitlan with an exceptional visit to the brotherhood of Santa Cruz for a memorable experience visiting Maximon. As your exclusive journey ends next morning you will travel back to Guatemala City and board your flight back home and a smile will come to your face as you remember your time in Guatemala.

  • Market Tours / History  Tours / Gourmet Dining / Boat Travel / Walking Tours
  • Leisure / Spectacular Scenery / Best guides / Great  Accommodations

Antigua Guatemala, Ixil Triangle, Chajul, Quetzaltenango, Almolonga, Chichicastenango, Lake Atitlan


Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures


Day 1: Welcome to Markets of Guatemala

The day you arrive to Guatemala City, a representative of Voltan Adventures will wait for you with a sing on hands so you can spot him / her with out a problem. From here you will travel for about 1 hour to Antigua Guatemala, place where you will stay for two nights. Your hotel is based close to the main square offering you comfort, easy access to different highlights of Antigua Guatemala and views to active volcano de Fuego.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, breakfast

Day 2: Historical and Colorful Market 

Enjoy freshly breakfast at your hotel restaurant, right before your day start. As your tour starts you will be met by one of our professional guides and explore the colonial city of Antigua’s history, architecture and of curse includes a visit to Antigua’s Market and stop at the bus station for colorful photographs. After several hours exploring this beautiful cosmopolitan city, our guide will ensure you enjoy your visit and assist you with the best options for you to enjoy a delicious lunch in town. In the afternoon you will have free time to explore or relax at your hotel.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, breakfast

Day 3: The highlands & Boshbolandia, Ixil, Acul 

Today the sun rises early and clear sky with views of volcano de Agua, Acatenango and Fuego will inspire you for more adventure. This day is one of the longest drives you will have during your trip, but you will experience some of the best of the highlands of Guatemala, stop at a Mayan Family’s house for a lunch experience, test the black salt which is unique in this destination of Guatemala. In the afternoon you will travel on the slopes of the Cuchumatanes Ridge, knon as the highest mountain in Central America, see the small villages from above and little as you travel high until you reach plateau and see the town of Nebaj known as the town of Boxboles a traditional meal in Guatemala, here you will spend one night at the Hacienda San Antonio Cheese farm in the small aldea of Acul.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, breakfast

Day 4: Off the beaten track Chajul & Quetzaltenango

A Guatemala’s best hot cup of coffee and delicious breakfast will be served at the hacienda of San Antonio, as the sun warms up your driver and guide will be ready for the adventure to Chajul, which is based just about one hour away from Nebaj, see the the cornfield plantation, coffee along the way, when suddenly start seeing the smoke coming out from the tiny adobe homes, happy people walking toward the central plaza, place where the market is happening. The village of Chajul contains some of the oldest, most consistently inhabited homes in. The sounds of the market continue to drift through the aisles as you depart from Chajul and make continue to Quetzaltenango for two nights.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, breakfast

Day 5: The Garden of Central America Tour

Outside the wonders of Quetzaltenango, you will find the sensational beauty of the Almolonga Valley. Overlooking the village of Almolonga is the remains of the volcano Cerro quemado, and volcano Santa Maria behind. The popular and famous Almolonga Market retains its local charm with its unique giant vegetables and amazing gardens, locally farmed produce, and the vibrancy of the people. Skirts are decorated with brilliantly colored and woven by hand and makes it distinct from other markets previously visited. The market ends early and you will have some additional time to continue with your trip to a wonderful valley and hot spring area from the Zunil Volcano known as Fuentes Georginas, just perfect to soak and relax from several days traveling! Feel the magic of nature, the clouds, views of the mountains and pacific coast.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, breakfast

Day 6: Religious & Colorful Market

More than 400 years ago, Chichicastenango was occupied by a Kichel ethnic group, and now days still predominate with strong culture and religion. Your day will start with a short 1.5hrs drive to Chichicastenango, the bright colors of the local outfit will capture your first impressions, all the fabrics that and decoration are just very impressive, the main catholic church and the Mayan rituals that are performed right on the main stairs of the church, flowers all over and smell of incense from the rituals makes this trip a unique experience. Your guide will lead you and see all the highlights of this stunning market. From here your trip continues to Lake Atitlan just about 1 hours. Here you will stay for two nights at nice lake front hotel.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, breakfast

Day 7: Sightseeing Lake Atitlan Boat tour & Atitlan Market

Three impressive volcanoes, and the most beautiful lake in the world is the view from your hotel, the sun shining, and the calm water being reflected by the clouds are just the perfect composition for the best picture, that will make this trip once in a life time experience. Soon you you will take a sightseeing boat tour across the lake, and visit charming little villages and visit the last marked during your visit, in Santiago Atitlan, know as the house of the birds. Santiago Atitlan place where the locals call themselves “Atitecos” and it’s the only place where most man where very elegant cloth embroidered with colorful bird’s patterns. After this tour you will travel back to the hotel and relax.

What’s Included: transfer, accommodation, breakfast

Day 8: The Journey Never ends

With great memories of Guatemala, the Lake Atitlan in the background and the people’s smiles,  you will head back to the airport and connect with your onward flight back home.

What’s Included: transfer


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 Minimum USD $220 per person per day

Minimum USD $170 per person per day

The customized package will include accommodations, airport transfers and other transportation within Guatemala, guided tours or activities, unique experiences, trip planning, and support during your trip.

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We loved Voltan Adventures! They really care that their clients have a great experience. They tend to your comfort, tailor the tours to your specific interests  guatemala markets By Wendy & Michel

A highlight of all of our group of three was the weekly market at Chajul, which was filled with women in their bright red traje, selling local produce. Other interesting stops included lunch with a local family in Acul, a visit with the old gentleman who guatemala markets By Linda Smith

I highly recommend Voltan if you want to really understand the history and culture of this fascinating Ixil region. guatemala markets By BetsyTwicks

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8 - Days Guatemala Markets

Chichicastenango, Lake Atitlan, Ixil triangle, Chajul, Cotzal, San Francisco el Alto & Zunil.

8 - Days Guatemala Markets

This trip begins with a visit to, colorful
markets of Atitlan, The Ixil triangle, Chajul, Cotzal, Chichicastenango, San Francisco el Alto, and Zunil.
Spend a day with a Maya host family and learn the culture and their beautiful Guatemala.

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